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Mi Box

Jon/ October 19, 2017/ Media Player/ 0 comments

Our good friends at Xiaomu make nice stuff 🙂 enter in the Mi Box! Mi Box Review Intro I bought the Mi Box which is an Android TV based 4k Media Player at the end of last year for $69. It is one of the first times I have waited so long to review something. Of course, a long-term review

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Jon/ January 6, 2015/ Media Player/ 0 comments

I definitely consider myself an early adopter, TV for me means watching what I want when I want. In time I’m sure everyone will watch TV this way. We cancelled our satellite and since then we have been streaming all our content.  It obviously takes a bit of setup initially but once you are up and running it works like

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Moto 360 – Smartwatch

Jon/ January 4, 2015/ Smartwatch/ 0 comments

At the time of writing this review I’ve had the Moto 360 smartwatch tightly clasped to my arm for around three weeks and I have to say all in all it’s awesome!I had to wait almost three months for the device to be shipped to South Africa from the states as our country had been experiencing a postal strike at

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